Were you scared?

I wasn’t because those I loved most were with me, mom, dad, baby brother and we never got separated. We hid together in the sugar cane fields after the attack.

How close were you to the bombing?

Because we lived in the harbor, we were at ground zero.

What was school like after the bombing?

We had bomb shelters on the playground, carried gas masks and had air raid drills.

What do you do when you come to our school?

I tell my story of that time in history, I bring my gas mask, and the bullet shells, and help you to see what WWII was like for kids not only in U.S. but across the world. I share videos and power point. I also weave in Hawaiian history and culture.

What do you charge for school visits?

I live in Missouri, for schools in Missouri I charge $1,500 for two sessions, grades 5-8th grade. For outside of Missouri, it is $2,000 plus travel expenses. I can stay for lunch and also do a short story time for younger grades where I talk mostly about my dog, and about Hawaii.

How do schools contact you?

There is a contact page with my email and space for special requests if the teacher wants the class to do a writing exercise or for me to also include Hawaii culture.

What should schools provide you for your visit?

I will send a kit with my books and a DVD to prepare the students before I come. There will be an order sheet if the school wants to order books for the school or for the PTA to sell at a slight markup. I will send an attachment for a flyer that can be duplicated to send home to parents about the Pearl Harbor Child coming to school. I will need two tables, a microphone depending on size of group, a digital projector, I use a mac computer.

Do you have other websites?

I have a website which has more videos and details and interviews with veterans and other survivors. It is the title of my first book (www.pearlharborchild.com). The other website is a visitor guide to Pearl Harbor. Did you know a lot of schools, especially those with marching bands, go to Pearl Harbor? My wish is that everyone in the schools I talk with will go someday with their school or their family. Here is your guide to get you there and understand what you are seeing (www.pearlharborvisitorguide.com).

What literature conferences will you be at this year?

  • Parkville River Read

  • Ozark Literature Festival

  • Children’s Literature Festival at Warrensburg

  • Knobnoster Festival

  • Cherry Blossom

  • Laura Wilder Ingalls Festivals

Please come say hello.