Pearl Harbor Child

Pearl Harbor Child tells Dorinda’s eye witness account of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, hiding in the sugar cane fields, carrying her gas mask at all times, fearing an invasion, and the impact on a child of WWII in Hawaii.


The Official Pearl Harbor Child Coloring Book: Color My Story

Color the story of Dorinda and her dog Hula Girl during World War II in Hawaii. They want to show you what happened and what you can see if you visit Pearl Harbor today. There are pages to color for mom and dad and teachers too. Are you ready? Letʻs go!


The School The Aztec Eagles Built

This Mexico-United States little-known friendship story tells how Mexico and U.S.A. fought alongside in World War II. Americaʻs fighter planes displayed both the Mexican flag and the red, white, and blue insignia of the U.S., a first in history. When former school teacher, Angel Bocanegra joined the Aztec Eagles, he asked Mexico’s president to please build a school while he served his country. That school stands today in Tepoztlan filled with more than 600 students.


Pearl Harbor Warriors

Foreward by Daniel Martinez, lead historian of the USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Warriors encapsulates a correspondence between the author and her granddaughter, recounting the story of two World War II veterans - an American Marine and a Japanese pilot - whose lives intersected in war at Pearl Harbor and again in reconciliation fifty years later.


Remember World War II

Foreword by Honorable Madeleine Albright

Remember World War II allows readers to understand the war not as seen through the eyes of soldiers, but through the eyes of children who survived the bombings, the blackouts, the hunger, the fear, and the loss of loved ones caused by the war.

Notable Social Studies, National Council for the Social Studies and Children’s Book Council


Pearl Harbor Visitor Guide: To Where the Bombs Fell

This visitor’s guide to Pearl Harbor features insider tips, must-see highlights, and over 100 souvenir photos.

Other Resources

In addition to these books, other great resources such as DVDs and teacher guides are also available.