Invite “The Pearl Harbor Child” to your school, conference, or civic event!

Dorinda has been featured in People Magazine, NBC Today Show, CBS Sunday MorningNews, BBC-TV, Asahi TV, Channel One, Today Show online, at the American Embassy in Prague, international schools in Indonesia, and across the U.S. Her favorite venue is the classroom and literature festivals where kids want to try on her child-size gas mask or touch the bullets dug out of her kitchen wall.

Guess what country I am from:

I carried a gas mask, there were bomb shelters on my playground, and we had air raid drills at school. No lights could be on in our house at night, I carried war time invasion currency, I saved my milk money to buy war bonds, and there were no after school activities. We could not be out after dark and had to stay in our house until daylight. My dad dug bullets out of our kitchen wall. An air raid warden went down the street every night to make sure no lights were showing out of our house, and he had the authority to shoot out the light if he chose to do so.

If you didn’t know that I was “The Pearl Harbor Child,” your answer would probably be any country but the United States. But this was your country—the United States. Get ready to come along with me. I want you to see and feel what it was like to be a child survivor of the Pearl Harbor bombing and the years of war that followed.

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